It is a waste gas discharge system consisting of double-walled modules, the inner walls of which are 316 L stainless steel and the outer walls of which we use 304 quality stainless steel sheet.

Since we use 30 mm or 50 mm thick rock wool as insulation material between the outer and inner walls, the flue gas temperature passing through the chimney is transmitted to the outer surface at a minimum level. For this reason, the condensation amount of the system is low and the chimney efficiency and fuel savings are high.

The stainless steel sheets we use in our chimney system modules are cut in laser cutting machines in our standard sizes or in customer-specific sizes according to the project and assembled by precision welding with our state-of-the-art Tig machine.

Thanks to the external connection clamps used at the joints, sealing and maximum connection strength are ensured, and the system installation is completed by our experienced installation staff

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Jessica Simon
We had a great experience with Proform Chimney Systems. They provided us with an efficient central heating chimney system for our commercial building that has been working perfectly for years. Their team is reliable and always meets our expectations.

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